On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 12:38 PM, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll
and vector-sap?

Hmm, is this for the CFFI? Because it is going to depend very much on what VECTOR-SAP has to return. For UFFI you have SI::MAKE-FOREIGN-DATA-FROM-ARRAY which takes an array and returns an UFFI pointer. Alternatively, C-INLINE may be easily used to retrieve the pointer in a C format.

Thanks for the tips.  I'm not very familiar with cffi or uffi.  Basically, vector-sap needs to return something that can be made into a pointer for a foreign function to use as the address of an array/vector.

I do not know how MATLISP invokes BLAS or equivalent functions. If you need a pointer, then you need to know in which format MATLISP needs it.

The pointer is a C style pointer to a vector of double-floats.

I had a look at MATLISP. It is probably not unconceivable to translate it all to ECL's FFI constructs. Seems that all the fortran interface is in one file (ffi-*.lisp) and generates code automatically. Producing the associated C code would be easy and more efficient.

I don't doubt this, but since I'm not at all familiar with ecl's ffi, I'd like to leverage cffi to do all the dirty work.