well, it seems actually those functions are not defined in the CL-USER package, are they?
so if you replace 'cl-user with 'your-package, it will work...

by the way, another way to do this (i remembered SLIME used something like this somewhere...):
you can use something like this as epilogue-code
'(eval (read-from-string "(progn (your-package:process-cmdline) (your-package:start-server))"))

2012/6/12 Antonio Bonifati <antonio.bonifati@gmail.com>
Even if I use an uppercase string I get the same error. I am using this call:

(asdf:make-build :my-pkg :type :program :epilogue-code
  '(progn (funcall (intern "PROCESS-CMDLINE" 'cl-user)) (funcall (intern "START-SERVER" 'cl-user))))

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