I write a hello.lisp file like this:
(print "hi")
(length '(a . b 1))

and I load it in to ecl:
> (load "code/hello.lisp")

;;; Loading "D:/ECL/code/hello.lisp"

Condition of type: SIMPLE-READER-ERROR
Reader error in file #<input stream #P"D:/ECL/code/hello.lisp">, position 30:
Too many objects after a list dot

Available restarts:

1. (RESTART-TOPLEVEL) Go back to Top-Level REPL.

Broken at SI:BYTECODES. [Evaluation of: (LOAD "code/hello.lisp")] In: #<process

It has not line number in error message but postion 30.
I found it is the position of characters.  how to get the line number of code from error message?

Thank for your help!