I am trying to use liboctave functions in lisp code. For that purpose, I have put some inline C code and put an #include directive for a header, oct.h. I have put some small local patches to ECL so that I can now specify the additional include libraries and compiler options. Initially it wasn't able to find iostream which was corrected by making the intermediate file  a .cc file. But now the compiler throws up many such messages trying to compile oct.h:

/usr/include/octave-3.2.4/octave/lo-mappers.h:33:26: error: expected ‘)’ before ‘>>’ token

All have the same error occurring in  different header files. I have tried to compile pure C++ code containing oct.h with the same compiler flags straight  using gcc and they compile just fine.

ECL: 12.7.1; gcc: 4.6.3

Any ideas ?