ECL builds fine with clang on OS X (See Clang is the C compiler built on top of LLVM. As for the other thing, it is not just "build". To make ECL compile to the LLVM target machine one has to rewrite the compiler, because the LLVM intermediate language is not C, but rather some sort of machine agnostic assembler.


On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 2:58 PM, David Creelman <> wrote:
Hi List,
Was just wondering if anyone had tried compiling ECL with LLVM...
The latest release of LLVM looks relatively complete as far as C compilation
goes and compiling to the LLVM style assembler looks to provide lots of
opportunities for translating to strange environments like JavaScript.
I was thinking primarily of things like which allow
running C apps in Javascript. They've "ported" Doom to javascript, it works
fairly well on a modern browser on a fast machine.
One of the emscripten demos is running Lua in a page in javascript translated
from C. There are also some nice GL demos (via WebGL). I thought it might be
interesting to have ECL running in a page on a web browser. Even as a
teaching tool it would be interesting.

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