On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 8:25 PM, Jon Rosebaugh <chairos@gmail.com> wrote:
 it should be possible to have a script
cross-compile those programs and set up a little shell script to run
them and output the cross_config file. Then you would just copy that
to your target system, run it, and there you go. Any reason this
hasn't been done yet?

Two: lack of manpower and also lack of portability. How to run them? This varies a lot from machine to machine and many cross compilation environments do not even provide a way to do that. Furthermore, many of the machine tests are automatically generated by autoconf and extracting them into separate programs requires some additional effort, which is a bit redundant.
In addition, there seems to be a problem with configure around line
9038; normally the test programs are surrounded by a check that skips
them if the cross_config has a definition, but the test for
HAVE___BUILTIN_RETURN_ADDRESS seems to miss this, so that a
cross-compilation will always fail.

Thanks for reporting. For such a clear case in which you have identified the problem so perfectly it is generally more useful to submit a bug report -- I am very disorganized and tend to forget emails, while the SF bug tracker is always there to remind me how lousy a maintainer I am :-)

Thanks again for your interest and your help.


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