Anybody working on a patch for the problem in ECL 11.1.1 reporting "Cannot print object #<SWANK-BACKEND package> readably"?

I see it finally got on the issue tracker:

I've encountered the same problem when working on updating the ecl for iphone/ios project to use the latest version of swank. 

On Jan 20, 2011, at 2:43 PM, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll wrote:
Ok, then what is broken is not the ordinary compiler, but the bytecodes compiler which is switch on by default in Windows.


On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 11:37 PM, Stas Boukarev <> wrote:
Stas Boukarev <> writes:

> Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll <> writes:
>> What settings do you have? I do not get those errors in any of my systems?
> I can reproduce after doing (require 'bytecmp)
And its compile-file has WITH-STANDARD-IO-SYNTAX around WRITE, which
sets *print-readably* to T.

-- Terje Norderhaug