On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 4:34 PM, Polos Ruetz <polos.ruetz@gmail.com> wrote:
Just letting you know that the Embedded Qt Lisp "EQL"
(http://gitorious.org/eql/eql) now compiles fine with the current ECL

Great! Thanks for reporting return to normality :-)
(For the interested: I needed to insert the macro definition from
SERVE-EVENT:WITH-FD-HANDLER in the file src/lisp/ini.lisp, otherwise
it didn't compile. Since I do some non standard things in the EQL
tool, this hack seems necessary to make the compiler aware of the
above mentioned macro.)

Did you name it serve-event:with-fd-handler? Did you use (require 'serve-event) before building the library? One may list serve-event and sockets among the modules that are linked together with ECL using --with-sockets=builtin --with-serve-event=builtin etc etc


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