The following changes are not committed to CVS/git because Sourceforge is still down.

 - Stream operations signal conditions of type
   when the input or output is not appropriate for the external format. ECL
   sets up a restart called USE-VALUE that takes a character o a character

 - The array of boot-time symbols is fixed and independent of the features
   that are compiled in. This is essential for cross-compilation and also
   for sharing C code among different builds.

 - SOCKET-MAKE-STREAM now accepts an :ELEMENT-TYPE argument.

 - When --enable-rpath is used in combination with --with-gmp-prefix, then the
   path of the GMP library is hardcoded into ECL. If the remaining libraries
   (GC, libffi) are in a similar location this will make ECL work without
   further flags, and without modifying LD_LIBRARY_PATH or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH.

 - The command line used by EXT:PROCESS-COMMAND-ARGS is now by default
   the one stored in *COMMAND-ARGS*, and this may be "cleared" by the

 - All arguments after the '--' command line option are stored in a global
   variable, ext:*unprocessed-ecl-command-args*.

 - In the rules passed to ext:process-command-args, :stop now implies that all
   remaining arguments including the current one are collected and passed to
   the rule code. An example of use of this option
      ;; Collect all arguments _after_ the command line option --
      ("--" 1 (setf ext:*unprocessed-ecl-command-args* (rest 1)) :stop)
      ;; Collect all arguments including the first unknown one
      ("*DEFAULTS*" 1 (setf ext:*unprocessed-ecl-command-args* 1) :stop)

 - ECL will always build, by default, with support for Unicode strings.

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