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On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 2:46 PM, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll
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> * Proclamations are also used to deduce the type of a function's arguments
> and create argument type checks.
The function arguments checking seems to have a bug.

Thanks a lot for the test case. I identified a problem with how FTYPE declarations are parsed. I did not detect the problem because I was focusing on PROCLAIM, not DECLAIM. It should be fixed now, but just started an OpenAxiom build to make sure -- Maxima works, though.
1. The argument-type in the function proclamation is simple enough
   that ECL should not be confused.

2. ECL pretends that there are too few arguments for proclaimed
   BEGIN-DOLLAR-P.  Yet, the function was proclaimed to be
   of arity 1, and there is exactly one argument supplied in the call.

These two were caused by the error I just fixed.
What are the notes about propagating FUNCALL and C-INLINE about?

The type propagator is complaining about forms for which there is no type propagation code. I just disabled some of them, but seems I forgot FUNCALL.


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