Hi again,

sorry for the delay. This was not an easy problem and right now I am travelling a lot, but I believe I have found some causes and a solution.

- Dependency on symbols from the C package
- Dependency on symbols from ASDF (cffi-grovel)
- Dependency on a directory from its project (cffi-grovel)
- Dependency on the ASDF methods (cffi-grovel)

- C package is now built at boot time
- A new package "prebuilt-asdf" can be listed as a dependency in your projects.

For instance this now builds and runs

(asdf:defsystem :foo
 :description  "This ASDF system gathers all the packages of the IMCP Test-Server program."
 :depends-on ("iolib" "prebuilt-asdf")
 :components ((:file "test")))

However the problems seem to signal an actual problem in the packages that use cffi-grovel, for this is listed as a runtime dependency and not as a compile-time dependency.


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