Lisp executed code does not print things. This is the REPL. To print stuff use PRINT in your code and supply an output stream. I think all your problems stem from an improper redirection of *standard-output*. You are only seeing what comes out in the error output (i.e. debug statement from LOAD), while Apache is redirecting your standar output to /dev/null, or viceversa. I do not know enough from modules to say it for sure, but the fact that your use of LOAD only produces that statement suggests it.


On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 6:20 PM, Louis Höfler <> wrote:

Thank you.

I implemented this function


cl_object mod_ecl_load(char* src) {

cl_object string, stream;

string = make_simple_base_string(src);

stream = cl_make_string_input_stream(1, string);

return cl_load(1, stream);



But this does only print out

#<string-input stream from "(defun hello-wor...">

This should not be printed by itself, but in a message like

;;; Loading #<string-input stream from ...>

do you print manually the output of mod_ecl_load()?


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