* MAKE-PATHNAME reimplemented to ensure that :CASE is only applied to the user arguments.

* NAMESTRING will refuse to produce a string when :NAME is nil and :TYPE is not. The reason is ".txt" = (make-pathname :name ".txt" :type nil)

* The implementation of "compiler optimization flags" had to be redone, because switching on and off flags did not work as expected.

* Proclamations are also used to deduce the type of a function's arguments and create argument type checks.

* Feature :C++ is exported when using a C++ compiler

* A lot of fixes in ECL's declarations and proclamations, all of them trivial, but which caused the compiler to complain or generated safety checks that were not satisfied. For instance
(defun pprint-tabular (... &optional ... tab-size)
   (declare (unsigned-byte tab-size))
caused PPRINT-TABULAR to fail.

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