Integrate with quicklisp

So far I have been using my own mirrors of repositories, custom scripts, etc, for downloading, building and testing third-party software. Problems: I simply cannot keep up with repository changes or even the upgrades of our own network and constant setting of new firewalls.

But tonight I discovered the pleasures of using quicklisp and found that it makes my life very easy. My last goal right now is to finish up the test script using that distribution, solve the last automated test which is causing problems (mingw, a problem with git updates) and move on. Hopefully this will al be finished by the end of next week.

One important point of this phase is the choice of platforms / flags to test with libraries. Unicode seems to be a very important dependency for a lot of libraries. It would be nice if someone could produce a list of libraries in quicklisp that build properly, do not have very complicated dependencies (they should work on OS X and Linux) and are worth testing.


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