Delete the ~/.slime directory. I tried rebuilding Slime today and it worked without problems.


On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 5:36 PM, Anton Vodonosov <> wrote:

I just installed the ecl 11.1.1 release (Windows installer from sourceforge).

When I load swank-loader.lisp (todays SLIME from CVS), I have the following error:

;;; Loading "C:/Users/anton/unpacked/lisp-libs/slime-current/slime-2011-01-19/swank-loader.lisp"
;;; Compiling C:/Users/anton/unpacked/lisp-libs/slime-current/slime-2011-01-19/swank-backend.lisp;;
;; Error while compiling C:/Users/anton/unpacked/lisp-libs/slime-current/slime-2011-01-19/swank-backend.lisp:
;;   Cannot print object #<SWANK-BACKEND package> readably.
;; Aborting.

Restart ABORT is not active.

Available restarts:

1. (RESTART-TOPLEVEL) Go back to Top-Level REPL.

 File: #P"C:/Users/anton/unpacked/lisp-libs/slime-current/slime-2011-01-19/swank-loader.lisp" (Position #5576)

Has anyone experienced this problem and know how to solve it?

Best regards,
- Anton

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