Sorry, but I can not read this email. Parts of it seem to be missing.


2011/2/27 Rupert Swarbrick <>
Hi there,

I'm busy trying to port some website code to work with ECL as well as
SBCL. To do so, I'm trying to write a function that will create a
process with a given string as standard input. On sbcl, I'd do the

and that works fine: the program runs, reading from the string and then
exits. After thinking for a bit, I came up with the following code to
try to get things working with ecl:

where /home/rupert/ contains the following:

This works, in that tmp.txt contains blargl after the code runs, but the
process never finishes:

rupert@hake:~ ps aux | grep doit
rupert   24764  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    01:12   0:00 [] <defunct>
rupert   24771  0.0  0.0   5048   724 pts/0    S+   01:12   0:00 grep doit

How should I make sure that the process finishes too? (I don't mind if
I have to wait for it: this doesn't need to run in parallel)


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