Some notes:

* The current test code is a bit outdated. We should upgrade to the latest ANSI test suite -- volunteers are welcome.

* The test directory is completely independent from ECL. It assumes ECL is preinstalled somewhere in the PATH, but you can also run it as in
   make BINARY=/path/to/my/local/copy/of/ecl

* If you do not want to use CVS to get the ANSI test suite, then download it in a directory named "ansi" at the root of the test suite.

Hope this helps.


On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 12:32 AM, David Kirkby <> wrote:
I want to update the ECL package in Sage and add the test code. I
checked out the code with:

git clone git://

but I'm not exactly sure where that directory should be put. Also, I
note the makefile tries to grab code via cvs, which I do not want. I
want to download the test code, put it in Sage's .spkg format so the
user can run the tests even without an internet connection. Currently
I have it installed so the top-level directory has this in it.


but I'm not sure exactly what to do, and how best to disable the
attempts to download code.


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