* The relocation problems in Solaris have been fixed. They were not really that serious: GCC's frontend was improperly used and that added a few bytes of C runtime that were not used, but included fixed address references.

* There are no outstanding problems in the Unix ports except in Solaris/x86_64 but I have synchronization problems with that machine (probably due to my scripts), so I am not sure it is entirely due to ECL

* The Windows Visual Studio port works in 32 bits.

* The Windows Mingw port revealed an outstanding problem in Mingw32's system(). When the string that contains the command to be executed contains double quotes, it gets confused. This is forcing me to rewrite all code in the compiler that is using EXT:SYSTEM to use EXT:RUN-PROGRAM instead. This is a major change that will affect the stability of ECL temporarily, but without it I can not make any further progress in the Mingw32 port.


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