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On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 10:51 PM, Dr. David Kirkby

I'm sure you wont consider this a high priority, but ECL appears to be
unnecessarily to libintl.so at least on OpenSolaris.

This is very very old. It comes from the time when ECL was first ported to
Solaris and at that time I found that the sockets linked code required this
TCPLIBS='-lsocket -lnsl -lintl'  Maybe that is no longer the case.


I think you just need to check in autoconf. It might depend on what version of Solaris one uses. It's far more portable then. I might want to build ECL on AIX at some point!

What should I check for? What should I need on each version of Solaris that exists out there? There is no way to treat that platform in a portable way if that is waht you mean. It is not portable at all what the solaris people opted for (having a separate library for sockets and also other libraries I do not even know what for), and it is also not portable their changes among OS releases. Autoconf does not help here: one would have to hardcode the knowledge of which libraries are needed and which are not.

Note there's a report on sage-devel of a similar issue on Gentoo linux and ECL - in this case its


I do not understand these concerns: libdl is mandated for dlopen and libm is needed for all the mathematical functions. I think your developers are being overzealous about this.


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