2011/2/20 Márcio Faustino <marciombfaustino@gmail.com>
Now the issue I'm having is when I try to load Quicklisp. The first problem was that "(user-homedir-pathname)" returns "/" so it cannot find where Quicklisp is really installed, which in my case is "C:\Users\marcio\quicklisp". I then tried to hardcode the path:

Seems you already solved the other problem -- environment variables have to be set for Microsoft Visual Studio to work --, but regarding this, USER-HOMEDIR-PATH is a rather standard function that follows this logic:

* On Unix, it uses the home directory.
* If HOME is defined, it takes that value
* On windows, if HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH are defined, they are joined to form a directory
* Finally, as a last resort, "/" is used.


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