2011/2/2 crox <linux.hacker@yandex.ru>
02.02.2011, 19:13, "Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll" <juanjose.garciaripoll@googlemail.com>:
> ECL does have weak pointers and that could be used to implement weak hash tables, but it has not been done.
Sounds solvable... As far as I can see weak pointers are not documented yet?

No, no documentation, but it is close to trivial.

(ext:make-weak-pointer o) => wp

(ext:weak-pointer-value wp) => o or NIL
> However, in many cases those dependencies can be worked around by library developers. In particular I doubt that trivial-garbage needs weak hash tables at all  given that ECL has finalization.
Does it concerns weak hash tables? I think that it is better to implement them, rather than patching cl-gtk2. At least they will be helpful in porting some other packages, that depend on them.

It would be easier to fix trivial-garbage instead, which is the one "supplying" weak hash tables to other systems.


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