I am spending a lot of time in the automated tests right now. Back to the use of virtualbox, I had to work hard on optimizing it to avoid having 6 virtual machines running all the time. Now it seems VirtualBox has become very reliable and it is possible to launch and poweroff virtual images just for running a single ECL build, what makes it possible to keep the whole process in a smaller computer. In addition to this I got temporary access to a cluster running on PPC, and on Itanium, but these become quite frequently off-line (they are very unreliable), a failure condition which again I managed to include in the tests.

The status:

* Two typos have been fixed which only affected the 32-bit tests and particular compilers.
* About 10 new errors popped up in the pretty printer, and I am working on them. I suspect they are due to some patches I accepted recently.
* The addition of the PPC/32bit platform showed that there are still some issues with floating point signals. I suspect we will have to drop all use of feenableexcept() and rely on fenv.h where available.
* Again for the PPC, there are some problems with floating point accuracy, and I still do not know whether they are related to the C library, the compiler or to ECL.

The goal:

* Restore automated tests of Axiom, Maxima, and some libraries.
* Fix those fixes, and no more.
* Produce a release before the end of the month.



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