Isaiah, how did you build & install it? Are you using Ubuntu's repository?

Normally ECL overwrites all the files in the destination directory and thus if there was something there, it should be gone and not bothering the new copy.

And could you give more information on that "I couldn't use asdf". What errors do you see? Maybe you have some other configuration problems.


On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 10:19 PM, Isaiah Gilliland <> wrote:
I'm running ubuntu linux, I've been interested in ecl for a while but I'm having a bit a of trouble. I once built and installed ecl when I was out searching around for a lisp to use, well I decided to look into it again when I found it that it was now bundled with asdf. I built the new version and installed it and I couldn't use asdf. I then realized that I installed it without removing the old one. Could this be my issue? And if it is anyone have any info on how I can fix it?

Thank You

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