I have recently discovered ECL. I have been looking for a suitable scripting engine to embed into a client side robot (autonomous agent) for the FPS game Quake III Arena. The goal is to add AI modules implementing navigation and combat.

ECL is quite an impressive software package. It seems to have all the functionality I need. However, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of documentation concerning embedded usage. The relevant section of the manual (Section 8.) is rudimentary to say the least. It does not provide an adequate description of the C-Lisp interface, nor example code. I have found a few simple embedding examples on the net, but this is not a suitable substitute for a proper manual. Considering that ECL's original purpose was to provide an embeddable Lisp system, I find this lack of documentation rather strange.

My questions: Is there a proper manual on the subject of embedding ECL that I missed? If not, when can we expect to have one?