Dear list,

I don't understand how to compile standalone executables that use other libraries, say External-Program. Is there some example code I can look at or other pointers here? If I try to load the following code
> (require 'external-program)
> (external-program:run "echo" (list "hello world"))
it loads correctly but if I run (compile-file "test.lisp" :system-p t) it complains that the package external-program does not exist.
What's going on here? I tried putting (require 'asdf) at the top of test.lisp followed by the above code. It still fails to find the package.

Second and more importantly, I have a bit of code posted here ( You'll notice there are stubbed out definitions for ECL there. I can't figure out if there is a function analogous to sb-sys:enable-interrupt in ECL. Apropos turned up some useful things though, including si:terminal-interrupt and si::+sigint+. Can anyone shed light on this?

Thanks so much for your time.