I’m unable to build ECL 9.12.3 on OpenSolaris:


$ export CC="cc -xc99=all"

$ export CXX=CC


$ ./configure --enable-slow-config --with-system-gmp=no  --with-dffi=no --prefix=/stow/ecl-9.10.3 2>&1 |tee conf.log

configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --with-dffi

Configuration complete. To build ECL, issue make in this directory.


$ gmake 2>&1 |tee make.log

dpp: /export/home/semihc/Packages/ecl-9.10.2/src/c/arch/ffi_x86.d -> ffi_x86.c

cc -xc99=all -DECLDIR="\"/stow/ecl-9.10.3/lib/ecl-9.10.2\"" -I. -I/export/home/semihc/Packages/ecl-9.10.2/build -I/export/home/semihc/Packages/ecl-9.10.2/src/c -I../ecl/gc -DECL_API -DECL_NO_LEGACY -g -fPIC -g -fPIC -Dsun4sol2 -c  -o ffi_x86.o ffi_x86.c

"/export/home/semihc/Packages/ecl-9.10.2/src/c/arch/ffi_x86.d", line 230: syntax error before or at: asm

"/export/home/semihc/Packages/ecl-9.10.2/src/c/arch/ffi_x86.d", line 249: syntax error before or at: asm

"/export/home/semihc/Packages/ecl-9.10.2/src/c/arch/ffi_x86.d", line 250: only one storage class allowed

"/export/home/semihc/Packages/ecl-9.10.2/src/c/arch/ffi_x86.d", line 250: invalid type combination

"/export/home/semihc/Packages/ecl-9.10.2/src/c/arch/ffi_x86.d", line 250: syntax error before or at: asm

cc: acomp failed for ffi_x86.c

gmake[2]: *** [ffi_x86.o] Error 1

gmake[2]: Leaving directory `/export/home/semihc/Packages/ecl-9.10.2/build/c'

gmake[1]: *** [libeclmin.a] Error 2

gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/export/home/semihc/Packages/ecl-9.10.2/build'

gmake: *** [all] Error 2


The “—with-dffi” flag to configure script seems to have disappeared. I would appreciate any advice on this error.









From: Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll [mailto:juanjose.garciaripoll@googlemail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, 15 December 2009 3:11 AM
To: list-ecl
Subject: [Ecls-list] [ANN] ECL 9.12.3


ECL 9.12.3:

* Visible changes:

- When converting rationals to floats, ECL now rounds instead ofusing the
routine in GMP, which truncates.

- LOAD open streams in buffered mode. It does not cause anysignificant
performance increase except in broken network filesystems that lack
buffering such as some implementations of NFS.

The previous fixes are needed to eliminate regressions and previously
existing problems with Maxima. As usual, available in


Instituto de Fsica Fundamental, CSIC
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