RE: [Ecls-list] About the upcoming release

Dear Juan,

I have ready access to OpenSolaris-x86 and Solaris 10-sparc systems.
If you describe how you execute tests, or point me to appropriate documentation,
I can occasionally help you to perform release testing.

Semih Cemiloglu

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From: Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll []
Sent: Thu 11/26/2009 5:05 AM
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Subject: Re: [Ecls-list] About the upcoming release

OpenSolaris using SunStudio12, that is Sun's compiler has been added
to the test farm. So far it seems ECL builds without problems, but the
full test suite has not yet been added.

I had problems installing FreeBSD for testing again, but I think I
will wait till version 8.0 appears If things go fine and tomorrow I
manage to set up the Windows tests again then I think I will produce a
new release this week.

BTW, In Windows I am testing with Visual Studio Express 2010-beta,
which seems to build ECL just fine.


Instituto de FĂ­sica Fundamental, CSIC
c/ Serrano, 113b, Madrid 28006 (Spain)

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