Please ignore this, I just found there's already Windows binaries on


2011-4-2218:14 Chun Tian (binghe) д

Hi, Juanjo

If current ECL/Windows can live without a C compiler, could you consider providing prebuilt binaries on Windows so that people would easily download and run ECL?  I also need such a binary with "standard build options" for adjusting USOCKET to run on it, currently USOCKET used lots of inline C code to do networking stuff, and I think it's time to wrote a pure DFFI version as alternate.


Chun Tian (binghe)

2011-4-2217:38 Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll д

2011/4/22 <>
I didn't find the ECL ini file (.eclrc).
But I put (require :cmp) before (compile-file ....) is work.

The reason is that in Windows it is very difficult to find a native compiler. Understanding this problem, I designed ECL so that it uses by default a bytecodes compiler (what you saw), and only when you load the compiler package, (require :cmp), does it attempt to use a C compiler
Another promble is when I (c:build-shared-library "myecl" :lisp-files '("helo.lisp")).
Error is "In function COPY-TO-SIMPLE-BASE-STRING, the value of the first argument is ("D:/Program Files/ECL/hello.lisp")"

:lisp-files does not mean source files, but lisp compiled files. Please avoid yourself a lot of troubles and go with ASDF

This allows you to do everything, from executables to shared libraries.


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