Sadly, this asdf change only fixes part of the problem. Now, fresh images will successfully reload the necessary fas files, but they always recompile them, even when it is unnecessary. So this is not a problem of correctness, just performance. Again I think it's because output-files is returning the wrong value, in this case a .obj file when dispatched with a compile-op operation. Removing this method fixes the problem.

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 10:26 AM, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll <> wrote:
- Somewhere in the compiler, function names were compared with EQ, not
EQUAL. Therefore, (FLET (((SETF foo) ... ) would simply not work.

- There are optimizations in the database sysfun.lsp which are broken
when ECL is built with --enable-unicode. As a temporary fix, when
built with --enable-unicode, the pretty printer is compiled with no
optimizations. All other configurations seem to work, as refllected in
the new automated testing system

- A small change suggested by Dustin seems to fix ASDF. This change
leaves almost everything related to ASDF:LOAD-OP untouched, so that
OUTPUT-FILES returns NIL when applied on such operations. This means
ASDF:LOAD-OP should work as expected, but incidentally it also seems


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