I am using Windows XP and compiled ECL under mingw32 + msys. It compiled without problems (and I didn't give any configure options except for prefix=C:/ecl/). I also ran the tests and 57 tests failed.

However, when I try to use slime (latest CVS snapshot, downloaded today), it didn't work. It looks like a problem with sockets.

If I manually start the server, this is the message shown:

> (swank:create-server)
Not a valid mode 16 for ecl_make_stream_from_FILE
;; Swank started at port: 4005.

Here it hangs untill I execute slime-connect under emacs. After executing slime-connect, this is shown:

Broken at SI:BYTECODES.No restarts available.
Broken at SWANK-BACKEND::MAKE-SOCKET-IO-STREAM. File: #P"C:/msys/1.0/home/meu/slime/swank-ecl.lisp" (Form #9)
>> :m
Not a valid mode 16 for ecl_make_stream_from_FILE

>> :pop
Top level.

Essencially the same message is shown if I try to start slime directly from slime.