On 11/19/2011 03:32 PM, Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll wrote:
On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 7:44 PM, Paul Bowyer <pbowyer@olynet.com> wrote:
Since you find the problem in both the standard library and the one shipped with ECL, and the standard library seems to be OK when used with SBCL, I would presume the problem to be somewhere in ECL rather than in CLX (although I have often discovered that where I think the problem is turns out to be incorrect).

There are problems in both sides. The standard CLX does not work at all with ECL because they have not committed the patches I sent them long ago. ECL's library did not work because ASH's optimizer was broken. I have fixed it, but I did not have much time to check whether this solves all problems. It is in the repository now.


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I'm now able to compile and run the CLX test code in ECL without problems. I'll let you know if I discover more problems later.

Thanks again for the rapid corrections to ECL,