From: [] On Behalf Of Dean O'Connor
Sent: Monday 14 August 2006 11:57
Subject: [Ecls-list] VC8 : strnlen dllimport function not allowed

I had a stab at compiling ECL using 64 bit Windows (VC8) compiler. The version is 0.9i from the tarball I think.
I added a few compiler flags to both Makefile and gmp/Makefile (see below) to shut VC8 up a bit.
The error that stops the compiler is:
error C2491: 'strnlen' : definition of dllimport function not allowed
Anyone tried this ? 
I think I also had that problem (but didn't commit the fix to CVS...). You should be able
to solve this by adding /DHAVE_STRNLEN to msvc/gmp/Makefile, at the CFLAGS
macro definition.