this is just to let you know that I'm very impressed by the hard work you're putting into ECL, and by how swiftly you're handling bug reports. (I was hoping to meet you at this year's European Lisp Symposium to buy you a couple of beers, but I guess that'll have to wait 8-) )

Regarding the issue of maintainers, I want to remark that other people
had commit rights in the past and that I am more than willing to
accept regular patches and share maintainance. It is just that there
are other sexier problems to work with (Clojure, etc) and not too many
people are interested or need to get involved in such a basic job.

I've been pondering throwing my hat into the ring as a low-level maintainer for Windows builds. I didn't volunteer yet since I haven't gotten into the habit of regularly updating and building the code locally. I have some experience maintaining another KCL derivate, and most of my development work in on Windows.