I hope someone may be able to help.

I am trying to build Maxima on Windows using ECL. I have managed to get so far but have some problems.

For example I am trying to resolve the following error: -

>>>>>>> (trace mk:oos) (mk:oos "maxima" :compile)
The function MAKE:OOS is already traced.
>>>>>>> | 2> (MAKE:OOS "maxima" :COMPILE)
;;; Loading "C:/maxima-5.18.1/src/binary-ecl/maxima-package.obj"
Found invalid character Soh
Broken at MAKE::LOAD-FILE-OPERATION. File: #P"C:/maxima-5.18.1/lisp-utils/defsystem.lisp" (Form #226)
No restarts available.
Broken at MAKE::LOAD-FILE-OPERATION. File: #P"C:/maxima-5.18.1/lisp-utils/defsystem.lisp" (Form #226)

Are there any actions I can take that will help me find out where a problem lies. For example how can I determine in which file the "invalid character" Soh is? For that matter what character is "Soh" and why is it invalid? Also what is the significance of the string "Form #226" and is it possible to get some form of exception tracing showing lines numbers, file names and function names?

I know these might seem like basic questions but any help would be appreciated.