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i observe that, independent of the file name and type of the pathname passed to make-build, the result file is typed "fasb" and the name is that of the system. is it correct, that the "fasb" type is required in order to load it? is there an alternative to the '-load' indicator which works for files with other types?

in order to start ecl with such a file, it appears also that, in contrast to a simple '.fas', one must include some command-line argument to load asdf prior to loading the .fasb. is this the intended protocol?

On 2010-04-05, at 21:29 , Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll wrote:

On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 8:15 PM, Samium Gromoff <> wrote:
The new ASDF has an unfortunate side-effect of placing the final
product of ASDF:MAKE-BUILD in an unpredictable location --
along with other binaries within the place deemed by ASDF as
binary cache storage directory.

This is why a new keyword argument :move-here was created. It gets a pathname with the destination directory.


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