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File Date Author Commit
contrib 2005-06-13 goffioul goffioul [f885a0] Context menu support added.
msvc 2005-08-02 goffioul goffioul [db9194] Make it compile again under MSVC.
src 2005-08-02 jjgarcia jjgarcia [fcefab] Patch by J. Stecklina
ANNOUNCEMENT 2005-05-21 jjgarcia jjgarcia [afc6bf] Release 0.9f
Copyright 2003-08-06 jjgarcia jjgarcia [df9edb] Change e-mail address.
LGPL 2001-06-26 jjgarcia jjgarcia [2d8d0c] Initial revision 2005-05-20 jjgarcia jjgarcia [dac21f] Remove unused directories
README.1st 2001-06-26 jjgarcia jjgarcia [2d8d0c] Initial revision
configure 2005-07-12 jjgarcia jjgarcia [3149ba] New configuration flag for Solaris

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