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[e90b2f]: src / util / make_msvcrtlib Maximize Restore History

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make_msvcrtlib    17 lines (14 with data), 439 Bytes

set -x
export MSVC="d:/unix/msvc/bin"

cat > exports.sed <<EOF
/[ \t]*ordinal hint/,/^[ \t]*Summary/{
  /^[ \t]\+[0-9]\+/{
    s/^[ \t]\+[0-9]\+[ \t]\+[0-9A-Fa-f]\+[ \t]\+[0-9A-Fa-f]\+[ \t]\+\(.*\)/\1/p

echo EXPORTS> msvcrt.def
${MSVC}/link -dump -exports ${SYSTEMROOT}/System32/msvcrt.dll | tee msvcrt.out | sed -nf exports.sed >> msvcrt.def
${MSVC}/link -lib -machine:X86 -def:msvcrt.def -out:msvcrt.lib