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ECL Git Log

Commit Date  
[a4f608] by goffioul goffioul

Use define-compiler-macro to switch to static FFI when compiled.

2005-10-27 14:51:40 Tree
[1a8185] by goffioul goffioul

Re-vamped Win32 FFI example using static and/or dynamic FFI/callbacks. The
example can make use of Scintilla component to provide syntax highlightening.

2005-10-19 09:26:15 Tree
[f885a0] by goffioul goffioul

Context menu support added.

2005-06-13 11:41:43 Tree
[298ef9] by goffioul goffioul

- Make "Prev/Next Window" menu items dynamic
- Add interface for library (un)loading
- Make it possible to use richtext component instead of basic edit component

2005-06-13 08:39:41 Tree
[473a14] by goffioul goffioul

Add more menu handling functions for dynamic menus implementation.

2005-06-09 14:06:44 Tree
[c472c6] by goffioul goffioul

- Make caption and tabname handling more consistent
- Work around a problem in ECL with NULL terminating strings

2005-06-09 12:55:54 Tree
[9c05e3] by goffioul goffioul

- Add interface for more WIN32 functions
- Add tabbed-window support to editor example
- Make WNDPROC registering more flexible: registering can be done for a single object instead of a class name.

2005-06-09 12:12:47 Tree
[0b3a4e] by goffioul goffioul

Use same copyright syntax as in the file header.

2005-06-08 10:51:28 Tree
[ec5270] by goffioul goffioul

- Add support for accelerators
- Add "About" dialog
- Provides small load info and required dependencies

2005-06-08 08:42:50 Tree
[8e041f] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

New example of using UFFI with ECL (M. Goffioul)

2005-06-07 14:52:24 Tree