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--- a/src/h/external.h
+++ b/src/h/external.h
@@ -2151,9 +2151,6 @@
 extern ECL_API cl_object clos_method_plist _ECL_ARGS((cl_narg narg, cl_object V1, ...));
 extern ECL_API cl_object clos_install_method _ECL_ARGS((cl_narg narg, cl_object V1, cl_object V2, cl_object V3, cl_object V4, cl_object V5, cl_object V6, cl_object V7, ...));
-/* standard.lsp */
-extern ECL_API cl_object clos_standard_instance_set _ECL_ARGS((cl_narg narg, cl_object V1, cl_object V2, cl_object V3, ...));
 /* std-slot-value */
@@ -2161,7 +2158,8 @@
 extern ECL_API cl_object clos_slot_value_set(cl_object value, cl_object instance, cl_object name);
 extern ECL_API cl_object clos_standard_instance_access(cl_object object, cl_object location);
 #define clos_funcallable_standard_instance_access clos_standard_instance_access
+extern ECL_API cl_object clos_standard_instance_set(cl_object object, cl_object location, cl_object value);
+#define clos_funcallable_standard_instance_set clos_standard_instance_access
 /* conditions.lsp */