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You will find detailed installation instructions in the ECL manual
If you do not have access to the online version, follow the following two small recipies.

* Unix and similar platforms.
   1. Type
       ./configure --help
      to get a list of the flags with which ECL can be configured.
   2. Enter
       ./configure ...
      where "..." is the set of flags you have chosen.
   3. Use "make" followed by "make install" to build and install ECL.

* Windows with Visual Studio C++ 2008
   1. Enter the msvc directory
   2. Read the file Makefile to find the configuration options. They typically have the
      form ECL_UNICODE=1, ECL_THREADS=1, etc
   3. Enter
       nmake ...
      followed by zero or more of those options
   4. Use "nmake install" to create a directory called "package" with ECL in it.
   5. Move that directory wherever you need.