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Announcement of ECL

ECL stands for Embeddable Common-Lisp. The ECL project aims to produce an
implementation of the Common-Lisp language which complies to the ANSI X3J13
definition of the language.

The term embeddable refers to the fact that ECL includes a lisp to C compiler,
which produces libraries (static or dynamic) that can be called from C
programs. Furthermore, ECL can produce standalone executables from your lisp
code and can itself be linked to your programs as a shared library.

ECL supports the operating systems Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris (at
least v. 9), Microsoft Windows and OSX, running on top of the Intel, Sparc,
Alpha and PowerPC processors. Porting to other architectures should be rather

ECL is currently hosted at Common-Lisp.net and SourceForge. The home page of
the project is http://ecls.sourceforge.net, and in it you will find source code
releases, a CVS tree and some useful documentation.

Known issues

- The Mingw port does not work with the stable version of the Boehm-Weiser
  garbage collector. Users will have to download a more recent version and
  build and install it in an accessible location for ECL to compile.

- The OpenBSD port does not support multithreaded builds because the latest
  stable version that runs on it does not contain all the required

- --with-cxx is currently broken and ECL does not BUILD with a C++ compiler,
  but it can still be USED in C++ programs.

Changes since last release

See file src/CHANGELOG or browse it online


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