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ECL Git Log

Commit Date  
[7b762a] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

New functions for performing type inference.
Arithmetic operators *,+,/,- now have simple optimizers.
Fixed several "bugs" in the C code to let ECL compile with GCC 4.0

2005-08-12 15:23:10 Tree
[0f0847] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

When failed to load a binary file, a codeblock structure might be incomplete and cause a SIGSEGV

2005-08-10 16:51:31 Tree
[3d1e56] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Evaluation of the constant in EQL specializers now takes place in the lexical environment in which DEFMETHOD is enclosed.

2005-08-09 08:08:46 Tree
[905275] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Reorganized the list of inliners and inline information, storing it in more detailed structures

2005-08-08 08:09:25 Tree
[1163b9] by japhie japhie

- Get rid of double definitions of (ffi:clines) and (ffi:defentry),
corrected (ffi:defentry), fixed mysterious bug with cross-compiling

2005-08-05 20:59:17 Tree
[2d6c31] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

I mixed up the source, from and to pathnames when fixing cl_translate_pathname (Juanjo)

2005-08-04 16:44:37 Tree
[5a7e3d] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Fix translation of pathnames with version = :WILD

2005-08-03 16:53:26 Tree
[4793bb] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

When supressing compiler notes, also supress echo of shell commands

2005-08-03 16:53:16 Tree
[fcefab] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Patch by J. Stecklina

2005-08-02 15:20:51 Tree
[db9194] by goffioul goffioul

Make it compile again under MSVC.

2005-08-02 07:37:25 Tree
[7a855c] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Sharing function definitions for global functions now works

2005-07-29 09:57:14 Tree
[8e7a68] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Silent ECL when garbage collecting FASL files if SI::*GC-VERBOSE* is T

2005-07-29 09:35:49 Tree
[927571] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Several improvements related to inline of logical and cons functions, hardcoding frequently used symbols and a smaller version of TIME

2005-07-28 14:05:40 Tree
[d478dd] by japhie japhie

- Use (si:quit) instead of (quit) when calling ecl -eval ... (here, too) ;)

2005-07-27 13:21:03 Tree
[4ba7f0] by japhie japhie

- Use (si:quit) instead of (quit) when calling ecl -eval ...

2005-07-26 23:06:29 Tree
[c882e2] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Speed improvements in the subtypep implementation, plus additional type declarations to enforce inlining of CDR/CAR

2005-07-25 09:08:06 Tree
[d9d968] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Fixed typo in configuration script

2005-07-14 13:50:51 Tree
[99638a] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Configure the GC with the flags we obtained at configuration time

2005-07-14 13:32:16 Tree
[ab9007] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Configure the GC with the flags we obtained at configuration time

2005-07-14 12:04:25 Tree
[4a0e2d] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Remove the install option 'strip executable', which does not seem to work in Solaris

2005-07-14 12:04:04 Tree
[3149ba] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

New configuration flag for Solaris

2005-07-12 13:41:44 Tree
[271446] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Link to the Wiki

2005-07-11 12:28:04 Tree
[425335] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Reduce the set of static roots by allocating the stacks with cl_alloc_atomic(). Ensure that the list of libraries is also marked as atomic, so as to allow garbage collection of FASL files

2005-07-11 12:27:54 Tree
[79eb61] by japhie japhie

- Properly set and use :cross feature

2005-07-10 23:17:49 Tree
[2af3b9] by japhie japhie

- New configure flag --with-__thread which makes ecl use NPTL
thread-local variable (__thread) for cl_env. Probably works also on
win32 with msvc.

2005-07-08 23:47:24 Tree
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