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ECL 13.5.1

* Visible changes:

- ECL now reports #+UNIX for all compatible systems, including *BSD ones.

* Compiler fixes:

- Minor readability improvements in the C code.

- MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND compiles using MULTIPLE-VALUE-SETQ and now both are
  better optimized, generating simpler C code.

- The type checking routine for LOGAND was producing spurious warnings.

- (LDB (BYTE ...) ...) no longer conses a BYTE object.

- Added optimizations for MASK-FIELD, DPB, DEPOSIT-FIELD, LDB-TEST and LDB.

- CONSTANT-VALUE-P and friends now use the (compiler) environment.

- No optional type check generated for constant values.

- Declare the temporary variables in DEFMACRO/DESTRUCTURING-BIND as IGNORABLE

- ECL now accepts WHILE/IF before FOR/AS, a construct that is not ANSI
  An example: (LOOP FOR I IN LIST WHILE (SOME-TEST I) FOR X = (F I) ... )

* Common Lisp fixes:

- CONSTANTP now performs a bit more work, macroexpanding forms.

- ENSURE-DIRECTORIES-EXIST ignores the host and device from the original
  pathname when creating the directories.

- In FORMAT, printing of floating point numbers could lead to an infinite loop.

- ROUND, FLOOR, CEILING and TRUNCATE have been reorganized and work faster with
  rational numbers.

- (CONCATENATE 'SIMPLE-BASE-STRING ...) returned an ordinary string.

- MAKE-ARRAY did not terminate strings with #\Null (needed internally by the C

- (SETF DOCUMENTATION) did not operate on functions because the function object
  documentation had precedence over the annotation.

- Added the whole Unicode character database to the C library. This means ECL
  can now interpret all Unicode character names properly, and print them as
  well. ECL now also recognizes all ASCII control-character abbreviations

- Print integers using upcase letters for radix > 10

- New functions RATIOP, {SINGLE,SHORT,DOUBLE,LONG}-FLOAT-P help avoid consing
  in TYPEP

- HASH-TABLE-COUNT did not work with weak hashes: it did not update the count
  of live cells (Note, however, that this function is by definition not
  reliable, just a hint, since a garbage collection may happen while the count
  is being computed)

- ECL no longer uses :READ-ONLY declarations in the SETF expansions because
  there is code out there that modifies the values variables.

- PROGV can now 'unbind' variables when the list of variables is longer than
  the list of values.


- Added built in classes FIXNUM and BIGNUM.

- Eliminated code for accessing slots that was no longer used. Removed also
  redundant code.

- Updating a class (due to a change in metaclass) now forces updating its

- UPDATE-INSTANCE-FOR-REDEFINED-CLASS received an alist instead of a
  propertly-list as last argument

- PRINT-OBJECT did not have a working default for built in classes.

* Extensions:

- SYSTEM must use the POSIX shell, which usually lives in /bin/sh.

- CLX now uses recursive locks.

- ASDF upgraded to version 2.32, including the ASDF-BUNDLE facility, which
  supersedes ECL's own implementation of precompiled libraries.

  structures as well.

;;; Local Variables: ***
;;; mode:text ***
;;; fill-column:79 ***
;;; End: ***