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[5643a2] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Debian needs a more precise wording of the license

2005-12-14 09:51:11 Tree
[f1ce4f] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

More precise copyright statement, once we have removed the Tcl/Tk module, which required BSD license to be included

2005-12-13 12:25:55 Tree
[84e76b] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Remove unused files and flags

2005-12-13 10:00:36 Tree
[4d94a8] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Removed unused files

2005-12-13 09:54:36 Tree
[f35bdd] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Clean also the 'ext' directory so that asdf rebuilds properly'

2005-12-06 09:06:48 Tree
[caf859] by goffioul goffioul

Allow additional arguments in the building process: these are eventually passed to c::builder function.

2005-12-05 09:22:23 Tree
[7a74b1] by goffioul goffioul

make_two_way_stream does not exist anymore.

2005-12-05 09:21:30 Tree
[117d36] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Allow ECL build with the various BSD make program

2005-11-29 14:52:02 Tree
[54b542] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Control whether it is allowed to assign a value to undefined variables.

2005-11-23 11:05:59 Tree
[6872a2] by goffioul goffioul

Comment un-found function (probably removed).

2005-11-21 20:39:42 Tree
[c6e419] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Better search of the class tree looking for a condition that matches the type specifier. Works now for types like '(OR TYPE-ERROR SIMPLE-CONDITION), as well as for more complicated cases of conditions that inherit from multiple parents

2005-11-21 13:48:16 Tree
[02efa0] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

/nodefaultlib:libd is required by the free Visual Studio compiler when compiling with debugging information

2005-11-21 12:32:40 Tree
[2ed749] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

By default, temporal destination is RETURN because there might be more than one value to be saved.

2005-11-21 10:27:32 Tree
[48efb2] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Remove unused functions and use prefix ecl_ on all internal functions in file.d

2005-11-21 10:15:22 Tree
[bdd8a4] by goffioul goffioul

Export ecl_null_terminated_string().

2005-11-18 13:40:56 Tree
[f4d402] by goffioul goffioul

Fix scripts for self-installing executable generation.

2005-11-18 09:09:22 Tree
[86ab30] by goffioul goffioul

Fix error reporting on serious signals.

2005-11-18 08:02:08 Tree
[d3b30e] by goffioul goffioul

Add defsystem compilation under MSVC.

2005-11-18 07:59:47 Tree
[831e37] by goffioul goffioul

Define HAVE_TZSET under MSVC.

2005-11-18 07:59:17 Tree
[929d62] by goffioul goffioul

Fix segmentation fault in time encoding/decoding functions.

2005-11-17 13:40:58 Tree
[934aa1] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Allow the user to change the current package with -eval

2005-11-16 15:01:01 Tree
[352979] (ECL.0.9h) by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Add the 'examples' directory to the distribution

2005-11-16 10:12:22 Tree
[dc576c] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Final version of the announcement for the release 0.9h

2005-11-16 10:07:57 Tree
[a85a00] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

New example about building FASL files and standalone executables

2005-11-16 10:06:57 Tree
[3796d9] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

New release

2005-11-16 09:05:08 Tree
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