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[192bdf] (ECL.0.8) by jjgarcia jjgarcia

emacs-cvs had corrupted this file.

2002-12-06 12:19:46 Tree
[e92ebb] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Version 0.8. Disable CLX, which is now distributed separately.

2002-12-06 11:21:50 Tree
[451ed9] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

When coercing the output of INLINE-ARGS, and found a (FIXNUM (T some-location)),
recognize that the "some-location" variable is NOT unboxed.

2002-12-05 09:52:07 Tree
[f589dd] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

When compiling a (VALUES ...) form, put the result in VALUES; do not use
value0, because then the compiler assumes only one value is produced.

2002-12-05 09:48:52 Tree
[de9f5a] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

In MAYBE-PUSH-ARGS, a C variable was used initialized.

2002-12-05 09:45:38 Tree
[151cf7] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Fix the names of the optimizers for SHIFT<< and SHIFT>>.

2002-12-05 09:42:58 Tree
[671d9d] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Fix typo.

2002-12-04 19:08:12 Tree
[acb4f2] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

The name of the character was clobbered and could not be accessed by
the call to FEerror().

2002-12-04 17:46:15 Tree
[bf8a3c] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Replaced LET -> LET* to make C code smaller, wherever it is possible.

2002-12-04 15:40:42 Tree
[d20cde] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

New definition for SI:DESTRUCTURE uses SI::PROCESS-LAMBDA-LIST to parse
the destructuring list, for both DEFMACRO and DESTRUCTURING-BIND forms.
This results in smaller code.

2002-12-04 09:34:32 Tree
[b68c20] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

New expansion for DO/DO* produces smaller code.

2002-12-04 09:32:47 Tree
[3e7559] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

SI::PROCESS-LAMBDA-LIST split into SI::PROCESS-LAMBDA (which actually
operates on functions) and SI::PROCESS-LAMBDA-LIST (which parses only
the lambda list). The code is simplified.

2002-12-02 10:14:21 Tree
[69712a] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

More explicit error message at end of compilation time.

2002-11-28 09:43:19 Tree
[ffbfd2] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

When illegally trying to access a closed stream, signal an error of type
STREAM-ERROR. Also, check operations from the C library for possible errors
and use FElibc_error() when these input/output operations fail.

2002-11-27 15:54:25 Tree
[0cb11a] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Global variables preserving_whitespace, detect_eos_flag, escape_flag and
delimiter_char removed. Function readc_stream and unreadc_stream renamed
to ecl_getc and ecl_ungetc. They now have a C-like behavior, do not
complain about EOF and return the special value EOF when the end of the
file is reached.

2002-11-24 15:52:15 Tree
[95155a] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Detect automatically, to what characters \n is translated. For instance,
under MSDOS \n -> \r\n, and under Apple, \n -> \n\r.

2002-11-23 18:12:31 Tree
[52ed3c] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Only one whitespace needs to be "eaten".

2002-11-23 18:06:41 Tree
[e241cf] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Fix a typo. In comma_reader, PEEK-CHAR should be called with the stream to
be read.

2002-11-23 17:52:43 Tree
[a6fea4] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

After reading an object, READ should skip whitespaces until it fints the
beginning of a new line, the EOF, or a new token. This way (READ-LINE)
at the prompt, produces the expected result instead of an empty line.

2002-11-23 15:42:09 Tree
[6a653a] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

src/c/init.d is no longer used.

2002-11-23 11:56:27 Tree
[15da98] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

MacOSX's "cc -E" trashes a file while preprocessing. Therefore, we have to
get the content of machines.h in some other way: building a program. In a
near future, we should replace machines.h with a script.

2002-11-22 18:08:12 Tree
[7a58f9] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

We need machines.h do define unix.h.

2002-11-21 13:41:22 Tree
[cfb16c] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

+ The tests for the type and size of cl_fixnum have been grouped.
FIXNUM_BITS and CHAR_BIT do not rely now on "char" being 8-bit
+ All configuration settings are now grouped in config.h. This file
has two parts, and the second one, containing flags which are only
needed during the build process, is deleted when installing ECL.
+ File critical.h merged into lwp.h.

2002-11-20 17:26:21 Tree
[c7d4c7] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

Use same declarations as in gc.h, but avoid including all definitions
for the Boehm-Weiser GC.

2002-11-19 14:31:32 Tree
[8fa35b] by jjgarcia jjgarcia

init.d is no longer required.

2002-11-19 14:30:09 Tree
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