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--- a/ecl.ent
+++ b/ecl.ent
@@ -40,4 +40,6 @@
 <!ENTITY cygwin "<ulink url='http://www.cygwin.com/'><application>Cygwin</application></ulink>">
 <!ENTITY mingw "<ulink url='http://mingw.sourceforge.net/'><application>Mingw</application></ulink>">
 <!ENTITY OCL "<link linkend='ansi.OCL'>[Only in Common Lisp]</link>">
-<!ENTITY ANSI-C-Dict "Common Lisp and C equivalence">+<!ENTITY ANSI-C-Dict "Common Lisp and C equivalence">
+<!ENTITY nil "<symbol>nil</symbol>">
+<!ENTITY t "<symbol>t</symbol>">