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312 Unknown declaration specifier VALUES HEAD closed  
311 Unused variable ENV in method.lsp HEAD closed  
310 IGNORE declaration of unknown variable DOC HEAD closed  
309 Unused prameter INSTANCE HEAD closed  
308 Unused variable INDEXV-USER-SPECIFIED-P should be declare IGNORE or should be used. HEAD closed  
307 Unused variable ENV should be declared IGNORE or should be used. HEAD closed  
306 Unused variable WHEN should be declared IGNORE or be used. HEAD closed  
305 SIGABRT with "Duplicate large block deallocation" HEAD closed gc  
304 make uninstall issues HEAD closed builsystem, uninstall  
303 Infinite loop when writing to stderr fails HEAD closed standard-error  
302 EXT:RUN-PROGRAM with input/output strings HEAD closed extensions  
301 [build][sse] HEAD closed buildsystem  
300 Test suite fails with EPROTONOSUPPORT HEAD closed buildsystem  
299 Test suite requires ECL to be installed HEAD closed buildsystem, make check  
298 FILE-POSITION fails with "Illegal seek" on *STANDARD-INPUT* HEAD closed  
297 Build problem on freebsd 10.1-RC1 amd64 HEAD closed freebsd, libffi, buildsystem  
296 Error on building proccess HEAD closed windows, msvc, buildsystem  
295 Method dispatch dispatch error HEAD closed clos, stack-overflow  
294 ffi:def-function should accept or coerce 'simple-string HEAD closed ffi, ansi  
293 uninitialized variable in number.h HEAD closed warning  
292 STABLE-SORT fails to preserve order HEAD closed stable-sort  
291 FORMAT treats scale factor for exponential notation incorrectly HEAD closed format, floating-point, ansi  
290 The ECL created stumpwm image cannot run HEAD closed stumpwm  
289 build failure on FreeBSD 9.x Unstable_git-CVS closed  
288 closer-mop build failure HEAD closed  
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