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# Summary Milestone Status Labels
141 subtypep crashes on recursive types HEAD accepted subtypep  
305 SIGABRT with "Duplicate large block deallocation" HEAD accepted gc  
304 make uninstall issues HEAD accepted builsystem, uninstall  
303 Infinite loop when writing to stderr fails HEAD accepted standard-error  
302 EXT:RUN-PROGRAM with input/output strings HEAD accepted extensions  
277 file.o.c: 2 * bad if test ? HEAD accepted cppcheck, utf-16, sourcecode  
279 When loading .fas a symbol is referenced by name with different case HEAD accepted compiler  
300 Test suite fails with EPROTONOSUPPORT HEAD open buildsystem  
229 Fix the arguments to a method function HEAD open ansi, mop  
264 Threads not available even if enabled (OpenBSD) HEAD open bsd, openbsd, threads, buildsystem  
297 Build problem on freebsd 10.1-RC1 amd64 HEAD open freebsd, libffi, buildsystem  
291 FORMAT treats scale factor for exponential notation incorrectly HEAD accepted format, floating-point, ansi  
294 ffi:def-function should accept or coerce 'simple-string HEAD open ffi, ansi  
251 Wrong result with double splice ,@,@ HEAD open ansi, macro  
280 bogus entry in include/ecl directory after install HEAD open install, buildsystem  
281 failed to build 13.5.1 with mingw32 HEAD open buildsystem  
296 Error on building proccess HEAD open windows, msvc, buildsystem  
299 Test suite requires ECL to be installed HEAD accepted buildsystem, make check  
204 Windows: segfaults when accessing certain functions in DLLs via CFFI HEAD accepted win32, windows, mingw32, cffi  
237 Can't have a pathname with a non-base-string name. HEAD accepted pathname, utf-8  
290 The ECL created stumpwm image cannot run HEAD pending stumpwm  
265 DIRECT-SUPERCLASSES is not a slot of {a subclass of standard-class} HEAD open mop  
267 DEFGENERIC doesn't create methods on same pass as creating generics HEAD open  
220 slime-edit-definition does not work perfectly with ECL HEAD open  
274 handle stack-overflow serious-condition HEAD accepted stack-overflow  
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