What Did You Like or Not Like?

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  • FrankHoo

    Hi Mark,

    thanks for the brilliant tutorials. I finished the beginners and persistence tutorials in two long sessions. It took a lot of time, but I had no problem whatsoever to stay focussed.  They really helped me to think ObjectOriented.  As  a suggestion for future additions: I would be very interested in seeing how you would add a GUI to the sample application.

    On the techical side I had only two minor problems. The sound volume was very low. And Eclipse on Ubuntu does not  seem to work smoothly with scrapbooks. 

    Thanks again, this is so much better than reading a book


  • blueskywei

    thank you so much! I think it help me to improve a lot not only in java ,but also in english.

  • Bob Bennett
    Bob Bennett

    Wow - the tutorials are WONDERFUL! I am an experienced Java Developer and Eclipse user. I still learned an amazing amount of information about Eclipse and debugging. I used the tutorials because I am teaching a student and I wanted to become familiar with the tutorials. However, I found that I learned a TON of information that I can use in my own work as well.

    The information is very well organized and presented. Kudos, Mark!

  • Yves

    I just finished watching the Persistence Tutorial after already having seen the first tutorial - what a GREAT series, I'm already looking forward to the debugging part - although I'm having a hard time realizing that there are no more tutorials after that :-(

    However I do have one (mostly JUnit related) question: In Lesson 12, the ObjectOutputStream.writeObject() method  throws an exception because the classes are not yet Serializable. But why does this exception propagate and its stacktrace gets displayed on the console instead of being caught by JUnit? I thought JUnit was supposed to catch all otherwise-uncaught-exceptions and then let your test fail because your program definitely has a bug (e.g. if someone forgot to put in something like the assertTrue for successfull file creation in this case).

    • Mark Dexter
      Mark Dexter

      Hi. That's a very good question, and I don't know the answer to it. You could try posting this question on the Java Ranch forum or on the JUnit forum (if they have one). I'm glad you have enjoyed the tutorials. Good luck with your Java work. Mark

  • Vishnu

    Dear  Mr.Dexter,

    I Believe this is the finest Java presentation that I have ever seen in my IT experience of 5 years. I'm into middleware - weblogic, siteminder and WAM all these years and I'm very eager to learn Java from begining, & was very happy when I found your trail video on Youtube.

    I download totalbeginnerlesson01.zip from the download section and tried opening lesson01.html from the folder, however it yeilds a blank page suggesting to enable the javascript  or to download the latest flash player. I did both. I downloaded Adobe flashplayer10 from  get.adobe.com and the Javascript which was enabled right before., but still I get the black blank screen with the beforesaidmessage. I tried opening .swf file, even tht din't open up.

    Can you please help and suggest a solution.


    • Mark Dexter
      Mark Dexter

      Hi Vishnu. Did you try viewing the video directly from the website, via this link: http://eclipsetutorial.sourceforge.net/totalbegginer01/lesson01.html. If you can't do that, then I think there is something wrong in your browser setup. What browser and operating system are you using? Can you view other flash files? Thanks. Mark

  • Vishnu

    Hi Mark,

    The problem is resolved now, I downloaded an extra plug in and updates for my IE8 after which it started working.
    Again, I wish to offer my thanks for such a neat presentation.

    I have a small suggestion to make. If you can launch a similar video portraying - creation of JSP, servlets, establishing JDBC Connections, writing XML,  creating EJB's and so on..it would be really very helpful.  Also, Please consider making A video showcasing an end to end (small) J2EE application using EJB's, Struts and Hybernet ,, it'll be a rage Mark...

    Good Luck... Vishnu

  • LouArnold

    Good presentation. Very good content. Shows how to made TDD work, and how to use JUnit, all while presenting Java for many people who already understand objects.

    The music always made me smile, although monotonous after 16 lessons. I suggest you NOT lengthen it.

  • oseben

    Where are the lessons 2-12?

  • DEV

    Hi Mark,
    I found the thing I was searching for a long time.Your way of explanation is very brillient. You made me easier to learn java. It is very helpful to me. I hope you will provide tutorials on JSP, Servlets, Struts,Springs & Hibernate also.

  • LADM

    I just wanted to say thank you. I thought that all the tutorials were excellent.  They are a great resource.

  • Fantine Ponter
    Fantine Ponter

    Hi Mark
    Thank you for the excellent tutorials!
    I am in the process of teaching myself Java, but the problem with that is that I could learn bad habits very quickly.  I have written a database application using MS Access and Swing, but have not written any test methods.  I would like to learn how to do this properly.
    Is it possible for you to create a tutorial using a database like MS Access and Swing? 

  • Jan Gasyna
    Jan Gasyna

    Mark -

    Great Tutorials and thanks for the free knowledge.  As you can see even a few years after you made the videos people like me are still benefiting from them!  Great work!   I think most of us can agree that this is exactly what we have been looking for!!!

    Any new tutorials coming out?   Maybe for Wicket or other frameworks?   Are there any other free tutorial sites for Java you could recommend? 


  • koti kanna
    koti kanna

    I can not find words in dictionary  to describe this tutorial. It is simply spellbound tutorial. Great work.

  • William

    Great work - I can't add anything more that hasn't already been said by all the other people in this forum.

    I noticed that in the companion document for the persistence tutorial - the code snipit for lesson 9 doesn't match the title of the section (the title is correct).

    The title is "Lesson 9 – MyUtilities (convertToXML() and convertFromXML() methods
    modified)" yet the code snipit is the MyUtilitiesTest class. The change in this lesson was to add xstream.alias statements to the two convert methods.

  • Al Paca
    Al Paca

    Thanks for these tutorials. I recently worked through all 16 (now 7 years after they were posted) and found them very clear and helpful. The differences in the more recent version of the Eclipse software are minor and weren't very troublesome. Pace and length of lessons worked for me. I'm now hoping to find something similar about creating the front end GUI part, if that's not too much of a jump in difficulty from this introduction (?). Great stuff.

    (FYI I used Eclipse 4.3.0. JUnit testing is set to 4 by default, but you can still choose JUnit 3 and follow the tutorials (and I've since found that Mark introduces us to JUnit 4 in the Introducing Persistence series). A previous commenter claimed that the System.out.println 'trick' doesn't work in later versions of Eclipse, it worked fine for me)

    Last edit: Al Paca 2014-04-14
  • sydney

    The tutorials look great and so the accompaniment zip files were easy to download; however, the first tutorial makes a reference to a zip to be imported into Eclipse for the student to work with. This zip file exists in all the other tutorials, but not in this tutorial. Where is it?

  • bluepixel

    I can't play the videos at all (if they are attached)
    is there a direct link you have to the video for lessons 2 onwards?
    or do i need to install some special software to play them?

  • BobK

    Excellent tutorials.  My only suggestion is to make Eclipse tutorials 2-6 available with a single click like #1.

  • Carlos Man
    Carlos Man

    I just used your workbench tutorial, since it seemed the natural choice to find out if Eclipse is the right thing for me. Oh, boy! The Eclipse Foundation should use your tutorial as advertising. It is clear, well narrated, and it blew my mind. I ended up wishing I could take a computer with Eclipse Galileo installled in it back in time, 25 years ago, when I begun programming. Thank you SO MUCH.

  • Len Ocin
    Len Ocin

    Dude, I got one thing to say…Give us More!

  • David

    Just Finished AbsoluteBeginner (and I am one).  Well Done!   Some of the best instruction I have ever encountered.

    Went exploring the Eclipse web sight and found this forum - read every post in this thread.

    Some suggestions  (and/or help for other readers of this forum):

    1.  To help those who do not know to use the html file as the starting point a Read-me-first file in the Lesson 2 folder might be in order.  I am suggesting that this ReadMe be in the Lesson 2 folder because I (like many?) ran lesson 1 from the web page and never downloaded the folder.  What I was really looking for though was a page that linked to all of the lessons.  (Was such a thing actually in the Lesson 1 folder?)

    2. I am using Eclipse on the MacOS and found some differences between what was presented in the tutorial and how my version behaved.  The most obvious one was the behavior of the File menu.  When the tutorial first directed me to open a new JUnitTest file the tutorial showed this option listed directly under the File:New menu.  I had to dig deeply in the hierarchy to find it.  (New:other:java:JUnit:jJUnitTestCase).   Similarly for the JUnitTestSuite.  Interestingly enough after several sessions JUnitTestCase was added to the File:New list.     Another difference is that when starting a class definition the suggested options pop up automatically with out any key press after about a 1 second delay.  Perhaps a ReadMe for MacOS users is needed if there are other differences.

    3. I noted somewhere in reading the forum a comment that the shortcut keys could not be reassigned in Eclipse.  In the Mac version at least they can be.  Preferences:General:Keys.  I have ctrl-space assigned to a function in the OS, so I was able to reassign the Eclipse function to option-space.

    4. After completing AbsolueBeginner I went looking for another source for learning to program in Java.  What I found is almost as good as your tutorials.  A FREE on-line book (published it is 700 pages long).  That makes frequent reference to Eclipse.  Here is the link.
    <a href="http://math.hws.edu/javanotes/" target="_blank">JavaNotes 5.1</a>   By the way this text introduces IO and GUI very early for those who want to get interactive right away.

    In reading through the forum I found references to other tutorials you were planning on writing (other than persistence, debug, and workbench). Did you produce them?  If so where can they be found?

    One last comment - I really wanted to be able to download the entire lesson package at once instead of having to do it one lesson at a time.

    Thanx again for the tutorials.

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