Abstract Classes and Interface


  • Anonymous

    Like many others, I would like to thank you for truly awesome tutorials.  I've been spoiled.  I try to look at other tutorials on more advanced topics, but they simply aren't as clear or comprehensive.

    However, out in the real world I am coming up on the limitations of what we learned here.  It seems that everyone I speak with actually are using Abstract Classes and Interfaces extensively in their real-world programming.  I can maybe wrap my brain around what these are and how to use them, but I simply cannot find any tutorial on how I would build these Abstract Classes and Interfaces using the Test First method we learned in the beginner and persistence videos.

    Can you suggest a good tutorial for how to use Test First method to develop an abstract super class?  How do I use JUnit testing to develop interfaces?

    Any suggestions on where to look to learn this apparently central aspect of real-world Java programming?


  • Mark Dexter
    Mark Dexter

    Unfortunately, I've been away from the Java world for a few years now, so I am not up on tutorials for Abstract Classes and Interfaces. I suggest you look at JavaRanch.com. That is a very active site and has a lot of folks who really know their Java and Java resources. Good luck. Mark